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But that's about it with the mere formalities. Although the mainboard of the m doesn't look much different from the m PCB, I couldn't resist to post an image. Call it for the galeries Well, there is at least one important difference: The display controller I singled out for praise in palm m500 m review is missing on the m board. The m also has to be content with a pin connection to the display while the m color display needs 40 pins. Not that these 20 cables palm m500 mean anything physically, but it indicates, that the m display is controlled with a much wider data bus. Agreed, the color display needs more data, but most likely the wider bus helps also to speed up the communication.

palm m500 And I mentioned in the m review that the color display is 'snappier' than ever. As with the Games Card, several games show up in the application launcher screen. This wait was minimal… maybe seconds.

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When you remove the card, the applications palm m500 also removed from the launcher menu. High scores are saved to the Palm m500 internal memory. Same goes for memory expansion cards. I tested the 16mb card and was able to copy applications on to it and run them from the card.

Four torx screws hold the units together, T6 on the m I have and the extremely difficult to find T4 on palm m500 m This is quite a departure from the Palm V, which has always been glued, making it impossible to modify or repair. Like the Visor Edge, the two halves of the m series are held together by a plastic frame.

It makes for a solid feeling palm m500. Expansion slot The SD slot is situated on the top back of the unit. Cards go in with the label facing the back of the unit, opposite of how they go in on the HandEra Pressing down on the card releases a springloaded carriage, which behaves palm m500 unlike a retractable ballpoint pen.

Palm m and m officially launched -

This exposes more of the card for palm m500 grasping. Unfortunately, if you're not careful, you can also launch the card a few feet in whatever direction you're aiming the unit.


The cards are palm m500 unbelievably light and thin, they could go anywhere, slipping between the smallest cracks, blowing out a car window, hiding between papers, sticking to the skin on a hot day. Sounds like Palm m500 making it up, but I've experienced each of these phenomena, so all I can do is caution that you should be extremely careful.

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I have only owned the unit for several months but I am very pleased so far. After a palm m500 short period of useage I found I could easily navigate through the features.


palm m500 Adding information is very easy and the display is easy to navigate. Due to the small screen, which I knew in advance, the palm m500 is presented in small letters. However, one can increase the size of the information being displayed easily. The only concern I have so far is fear of losing the "stick" that is used to address the touch screen. The stick slips into a small cavity on the side of the unit for storage but must be removed, of course, to use and I fear sitting it down and forgetting it.


Palm m500 motherboard. Screen is blank. But it's still much faster than an RS connection and a regular hotsync hardly takes more than a few seconds.

Palm m Troubleshooting - iFixit

Another advantage of USB is its easy availability on modern PCs, while in doubt the two standard serials are already taken. The installation is absolutely troublefree and smooth, but you have to use the latest version of the Palm desktop.The Palm m series of handheld personal digital assistants consisted of three devices: the Palm m, Palm m500 m, and Palm m The series was a. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Palm m at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for palm m500 products!.

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