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Only the USB 5 volt output will be accessed. Below see the alterations I have made to my personal Earthmate. Restart the computer when prompted. Note : The installation will resume once the computer has restarted. Forums

The emulator delorme usb to serial tell you it is not compatible, and then install itself anyway, generating errors every 15 seconds until uninstalled which complicates the uninstall process. DeLorme does acknowledge the emulator application is NOT in any way able to run on any bit operating system after Windows XP, nor will it work with any version of Windows 7. DeLorme has made quite clear to me that they have no intention of updating or continuing support of the emulator. To date, no one has created a serial emulator that works with Vista 64 bit, delorme usb to serial for Windows 7, that actually works, even a little bit.

It's time these emulators go the way of the actual serial ports, and that software developers get with the times and make their applications work with the new technology and with the capabilities most of delorme usb to serial users want. They refuse all contact, so no explanation is available.

I upgraded to the new Delorme on a Windows 7 64 bit system. Now i see that Delorme Serial Emulator will not work on 64 bit systems. Is there some other software out there delorme usb to serial will work with windows 7 64 bit or will i need to buy another GPS receiver?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dave Chapman EF1.


Mar 22, 55 0 6 Huntington Beach, California www. Good day all, Gerard Jebaily said:. Hey Gerard, If you follow through this thread from start to finish there are options here to help you resolve your issue. Chris pretty much summed it up and previous links and threads from last year have been posted here to address this subject about as thoroughly as is possible. If you are interested in buying the BT receiver I can send you a discount code via PM like I did for Chris, delorme usb to serial the promotion ends Monday on the Delorme online store so let me know this weekend. I'm not really sure you would need two copies of the software.


The Delorme Serial Emulator is a POS end of story, as there aren't very many people that have anything good to say about that crapware. This is how you change it: 1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Properties on the pop-up menu. A panel opens. Select Settings for color and screen resolution and then click on the button called Advanced in the lower right corner of the panel. Another panel opens. Windows may warn you that you will delorme usb to serial to restart Windows. Click OK, close the panels and restart Windows. Why do you ask such stuff in an Arduino forum?


Low C8H10N4O2 level detected. Operator halted I am delorme usb to serial running the Win XP mode under Win 7. This mode is a bit version of Win XP running as a virtual package under Win 7 bit.

I haven't had any personal experience with the Trimble GPS receivers, but Tru-Traffic users in two different states have experimented with a high-end one. Their experience suggests that these are very accurate and work fairly well, but they might be a bit cumbersome for this purpose in getting all the cables connected in the right delorme usb to serial and porting the various components needed. Also, they report that compared to a Magellan Meridian, their Trimble seems to be a bit picky — quick to lose a fix when the satellite signal becomes weak, and slow to recover a fix when the signal is restored. Their impression is that the Trimble insists on a high degree of accuracy, and when it can't deliver that accuracy, it's silent.

USB to RS Serial virtual port driver GPS Forums

One delorme usb to serial of users' tests suggest that the Magellan works fine in all the Trimble's dead spots around the city. They prefer the Magellan over the Trimble. A user in Colorado has had success in using the Trimble GeoXT, but for reasons we don't entirely understand, he had to set. Tru-Traffic prefers this sentence because it includes the date as well as the speed and heading. Gunnar L, Jul 16, I have a new USB GPS connected to delorme usb to serial USB port, but TIKI Navigator does not find. Click on this link DeLorme Serial Emulation Driver for USB Earthmate GPS. The DeLorme Serial Emulator is a system tray utility that provides access to the settings and status of an Earthmate reciever. You can also use the Configure Virtual COM Ports utility to assign up to three different COM Ports for the Earthmate GPS reciever.

The Earthmate GPS.

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