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ReplicationConnectionGroupManager provides access to the replication connection groups, together with some utility methods.

The other methods in ReplicationConnectionGroupManager mirror those of ReplicationConnectionGroupexcept that the first argument is a String group name. Maven Mysql jdbc replicationdriver Strategy. Posted: Tue Nov 27, am. To enable this functionality, use the com.

ReplicationDriver class when configuring your application server's connection pool or when creating an instance of a JDBC driver for your standalone application. Either you're running an Applet, your MySQL server has been installed with the "--skip-networking" option set, or your MySQL server has a firewall sitting in front of it. Applets can only make network connections back to the machine that runs the mysql jdbc replicationdriver server that served the.

This means that MySQL must run on the same machine or you must have some sort of port re-direction for this to work. This also means that you will not be able to mysql jdbc replicationdriver applets from your local file system, you must always deploy them to a web server.

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Of course your mysql jdbc replicationdriver. MySQL closes connections after 8 hours of inactivity. Also, you should be catching SQLExceptions in your application and dealing with mysql jdbc replicationdriver, rather than propagating them all the way until your application exits, this is just good programming practice. Your application code should then attempt to re-connect to MySQL at this point.

The following simplistic example shows what code that can handle these exceptions might look like:. Use of the autoReconnect option is not recommended because there is no safe method of reconnecting mysql jdbc replicationdriver the MySQL server without risking some corruption of the connection state or database state information. Instead, you should use a connection pool which will enable your application to connect to the MySQL server using an available connection from the pool.

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The autoReconnect facility is deprecated, and may be removed in a future release. This is outlined mysql jdbc replicationdriver the JDBC specification. Make sure that the skip-networking mysql jdbc replicationdriver has not been enabled on your server. Also ensure that you are not filtering connections through a Firewall or other network security system. This database is public, and can be browsed and searched by anyone.


If you log in mysql jdbc replicationdriver the system, you will also be able to enter new reports. Writing a good bug report takes patience, but doing it right the first time saves time both for us and for yourself.


A good bug report, containing a full test case for the bug, makes it very likely that we will fix mysql jdbc replicationdriver bug in the next release. Cheers, -Trevor. Let me know if you run into any more issues!


One more thing that how to ensure that your operations redirecting to master and slave correctly:. Driver I am sure I am missing something obvious Properties; import java. Viewed 1k times.To enable this functionality, use the ationDriver class when mysql jdbc replicationdriver your application server's connection pool or when creating an. Setup Spring transactions for MySQL Replication.

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Note AWS uses native MySQL replication to propagate database changes from the master to the slaves. Replace the jdbc driver class, e.g.with ationDriver.

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