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OEM version. Value] Input device controller. The configuration settings are not limited to power differences. Each configuration could be powered in the same way emtec ekco b110 draw the same current, yet have different interface or endpoint combinations. However it should be emtec ekco b110 that changing the configuration requires all activity on each endpoint to stop. While USB offers this flexibility, very few devices have more than 1 configuration.


The interface descriptor could be seen as a header or grouping of the endpoints into a functional group performing a single feature of the device. Interface descriptor one could describe the endpoints of the fax function, Interface descriptor two the scanner function and Interface descriptor three the printer function. Unlike the configuration descriptor, there is no limitation as to having only one interface enabled at a emtec ekco b110. A device could have 1 or many interface descriptors enabled at once.

Interface descriptors have a bInterfaceNumber field specifying the Interface number emtec ekco b110 a bAlternateSetting which allows an interface to change settings on the fly. For example we could have a device with two interfaces, interface one and interface two.

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Interface one has bInterfaceNumber set to emtec ekco b110 indicating it is the first interface descriptor and a bAlternativeSetting of zero. Interface two would have a bInterfaceNumber set to one indicating it is the second interface and a bAlternativeSetting of zero default.

We could then throw in another descriptor, also with a bInterfaceNumber set to one indicating it is the second interface, but this time setting the bAlternativeSetting to one, indicating this interface descriptor can be an alternative setting to that of the emtec ekco b110 interface descriptor two. When this configuration is enabled, the first two interface descriptors with bAlternativeSettings equal to zero is used.

However during operation the host can send a Emtec ekco b110 request directed to that of Interface one with a alternative setting of one to enable the emtec ekco b110 interface descriptor. This gives an advantage over having two configurations, in that we can be transmitting data over interface zero while we change the endpoint settings associated with interface one without effecting interface zero. Each endpoint descriptor is used to specify the type of transfer, direction, polling interval and maximum packet size for each endpoint. Endpoint zero, the default control endpoint is always assumed to be a control endpoint and as such never has a descriptor. All descriptors are made up of a common format.

The first byte specifies the length of the descriptor, while the second byte indicates the descriptor type. If the length of a descriptor is smaller than what the specification defines, then the host shall ignore it. However if the size is greater than expected the host will ignore the extra bytes and start looking for the next descriptor at the end of actual length returned.

The device descriptor of a USB device represents the entire device. As a result a USB device can only have one device descriptor.

Emtec ekco b110 specifies some basic, yet important information about the device such as the supported USB version, maximum packet size, vendor and product IDs and the number of possible configurations the device can have. Learn about code review. Take a deep breath. On GitHub, project management happens in issues and project boards, right alongside your code. The service might not be installed on the host computer VirtualBox is not currently allowed to access USB devices.EMTEC products allow the user to fully benefit from the current technological emotion, in all simplicity. They stand out for their elegant and inventive designs that. EMTEC EKCO B DRIVER - Gen iPod Nano 5.

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